Our Beer

We brew ales, lagers, and the occasional mixed fermentation beers

Currently on tap

Gourdy (Pumpkin Ale) 5.3 %

Hometown Brown Ale 7.2%

Oktoberfest  5.2%

The NY Pilsner 5.1%

Blute des Lowen 5.2%

Vacation Ale 4.9%

Hoppy Spelt 3.4%

Danko Rye IPA 6.0%

NY Farm Double IPA 8.2%



Current cans available

4 Packs:

16 oz. Danko Rye IPA

16 oz. NY Farm Double IPA

6 Packs:

The NY Pilsner






Upcoming Can Releases

November 2nd: Local Liquid-Mount Pleasant IPA, Steuben Club IPA, 60:40 Hallertau Mittelfruh:Saaz Pilsner